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[Freeon-users] Long time, no see

From: Jose R. Valverde
Subject: [Freeon-users] Long time, no see
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 2015 20:04:09 +0200

Dear friends,

        let me start by apologizing for such a long silence. In the
last two/three years I had some mayor family problems that took all
my attention.

        That said, I've not been idle this period, and would like to
share back a few things.

        First, I've been working on a driver program for FreeON. The
idea, as I think I mentioned way back then, is to provide an easy to
use command-line interface that will facilitate its use. It has evolved
slowly, in parallel with other drivers for other tools I was using
(Gromacs, ErgoSCF, and many others..). I would like to know if there
is any interest on such a beast.

        Second, in the process I got somewhat deeper on the algorithms
and I realized some mistakes in the example explanation pages I wrote.
I've made the changed to a local checkout of the gh-pages branch and
would like to know what do you think is the best way to submit the
fixed ones. I think that maybe a ZIP file attachment will be easiest.
If there is any interest, of course.

        I have to prepare some courses on NBRC in French and
English, but once I finish them I'd like to continue the documentation
effort on FreeON.

        Finally, I have some questions and problems, but I'll leave
those for another post.


José R. Valverde, PhD, MSci, MD
Scientific Computing

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