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[Freeipmi-users] "BMC busy" with FreeIPMI on Intel Ice Lake Nodes

From: Bautista, Devon Thomas
Subject: [Freeipmi-users] "BMC busy" with FreeIPMI on Intel Ice Lake Nodes
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2022 20:16:26 +0000


I have a few Intel M50CYP boards that I can get to work with ipmitool, but not FreeIPMI.

I can successfully run power commands and activate sol via, e.g:

ipmitool -I lanplus -U admin -P $PWORD -H host-bmc sol activate

However, when I run `ipmipower' or `ipmiconsole', I get "BMC busy". When I turn on debugging, e.g., and try to stat the power with `ipmipower', I get an exit code of 0x1 which, according to Table 13 of the IPMI Specification, means "Insufficient resources to create a session". This is strange, considering I can use ipmitool to start a sol session just fine.

The output of the above ipmipower example (trimmed) is as follows:

$ ipmipower -D LAN_2_0 -h host-bmc -u admin -p $PWORD
ipmipower> debug
debugging is now on
ipmipower> stat
host-bmc: =====================================================
host-bmc: IPMI 2.0 Open Session Response
host-bmc: =====================================================
host-bmc: RMCP Header:
host-bmc: ------------
host-bmc: [               6h] = version[ 8b]
host-bmc: [               0h] = reserved[ 8b]
host-bmc: [              FFh] = sequence_number[ 8b]
host-bmc: [               7h] = message_class.class[ 5b]
host-bmc: [               0h] = message_class.reserved[ 2b]
host-bmc: [               0h] = message_class.ack[ 1b]
host-bmc: IPMI RMCPPLUS Session Header:
host-bmc: -----------------------------
host-bmc: [               6h] = authentication_type[ 4b]
host-bmc: [               0h] = reserved1[ 4b]
host-bmc: [              11h] = payload_type[ 6b]
host-bmc: [               0h] = payload_type.authenticated[ 1b]
host-bmc: [               0h] = payload_type.encrypted[ 1b]
host-bmc: [               0h] = session_id[32b]
host-bmc: [               0h] = session_sequence_number[32b]
host-bmc: [               8h] = ipmi_payload_len[16b]
host-bmc: IPMI RMCPPLUS Payload:
host-bmc: ----------------------
host-bmc: [  BYTE ARRAY ... ] = payload_data[ 8B]
host-bmc: [ CAh 01h 00h 00h 43h 43h D7h BEh ]
host-bmc: IPMI Command Data:
host-bmc: ------------------
host-bmc: [              CAh] = message_tag[ 8b]
host-bmc: [               1h] = rmcpplus_status_code[ 8b]
host-bmc: [               0h] = maximum_privilege_level[ 4b]
host-bmc: [               0h] = reserved1[ 4b]
host-bmc: [               0h] = reserved2[ 8b]
host-bmc: [        BED74343h] = remote_console_session_id[32b]
(ipmipower_check.c, ipmipower_check_rmcpplus_status_code, 713): host = host-bmc; p = 4; rmcpplus_status_code failed: 1h
host-bmc: BMC busy

I have updated the board firmware and BMC firmware to the latest version provided by Intel with the same result. Is there any further troubleshooting I could perform? Let me know if you would like the full debug output.


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