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[Fmsystem-commits] [17501] translations

From: sigurdne
Subject: [Fmsystem-commits] [17501] translations
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2018 06:23:26 -0500 (EST)

Revision: 17501

Author:   sigurdne
Date:     2018-01-05 06:23:25 -0500 (Fri, 05 Jan 2018)
Log Message:

Modified Paths:

Modified: trunk/admin/setup/phpgw_no.lang
--- trunk/admin/setup/phpgw_no.lang     2018-01-04 19:04:54 UTC (rev 17500)
+++ trunk/admin/setup/phpgw_no.lang     2018-01-05 11:23:25 UTC (rev 17501)
@@ -8,6 +8,8 @@
 create group   admin   no      Lag Gruppe
 delete message admin   no      Slett Melding
 disabled       admin   no      Deaktivert
+disabled (not recomended)      admin   no      Deaktivert (ikke anbefalt)
+fallback (after each pageview) admin   no      Fallback (etter hver 
 display        admin   no      Vis
 global message admin   no      Global Melding
 group name     admin   no      Gruppenavn
@@ -40,7 +42,7 @@
 title  admin   no      Overskrift
 important message      admin   no      Viktig informasjon
 enabled        admin   no      Aktiv
-(to install new applications use<br><a href=setup/" target="setup">setup</a> 
[manage applications] !!!)"       admin   no      (For å installere nye 
moduler, bruk<br><a href=setup/" target="setup">setup</a> [manage applications] 
+(To install new applications use<br><a href="setup/" target="setup">Setup</a> 
[Manage Applications] !!!)       admin   no      (For å installere nye moduler, 
bruk<br><a href="setup/" target="setup">setup</a> [manage applications] !!!)
 add a category admin   no      Legg til kategori
 add a section  admin   no      Legg til seksjon
 add a subcategory      admin   no      Legg til undekategori
@@ -98,4 +100,40 @@
 warn   admin   no      Varsel
 add category   admin   no      Legg til kategori
 edit category  admin   no      Endre kategori
-parent category        admin   no      Foreldrekategori
\ No newline at end of file
+parent category        admin   no      Foreldrekategori
+add user       admin   no      Legg til bruker
+add user account       admin   no      Legg til brukerkonto
+Account aktiv  admin   no      Konto aktiv
+action admin   no      Handling
+file   admin   no      Fil
+info   admin   no      Informasjon
+notice admin   no
+hooks updated  admin   no      Applikasjonskoblinger er oppdatert
+the new hooks should be available to all users admin   no      Nye 
applikasjonskoblinger er tilgjengelig for alle brukere
+async services last executed   admin   no      Asynkrone servicer ble sist 
+run asynchronous services      admin   no      Kjør asynkrone servicer
+asyncservices not yet installed or other error (%1) !!!        admin   no      
Asynkrone servicer er ikke installert, eller annen feil (%1) !!!
+crontab only (recomended)      admin   no      Bare crontab (anbefalt)
+installed crontab      admin   no      Installert crontab
+install crontab        admin   no      Installer crontab
+for the times below (empty values count as '*', all empty = every minute)      
admin   no      For de tidene under (tomme verdier teller som '*', hvis alle er 
tom = hvert minutt)
+year   admin   no      År
+month  admin   no      Måned
+day of week (0-6, 0=sun)       admin   no      Ukedag (0-6, 0=Søn)
+hour   admin   no      Time
+minute admin   no      Minutt
+calculate next run     admin   no      Kalkuler neste kjøring
+enable debug-messages  admin   no      Aktiver feilsøkingsmeldinger
+cancel testjob!        admin   no      Kanseller testjobb!
+start testjob! admin   no      Start testjobb!
+for the times above    admin   no      For tidene over
+the testjob sends you a mail everytime it is called    admin   no      
Testjobben sender deg en e-post hver gang den blir kjørt
+jobs   admin   no      Jobber
+next run       admin   no      Neste kjøring
+times  admin   no      Tider
+update admin   no      Oppdater
+manual run     admin   no      Manuell kjøring
+method admin   no      Metode
+data   admin   no      Data
+settings       admin   no      Innstillinger
+color selector admin   no      Farge velger

Modified: trunk/booking/setup/phpgw_no.lang
--- trunk/booking/setup/phpgw_no.lang   2018-01-04 19:04:54 UTC (rev 17500)
+++ trunk/booking/setup/phpgw_no.lang   2018-01-05 11:23:25 UTC (rev 17501)
@@ -677,4 +677,42 @@
 duplicate ssn  booking no      Duplikat av for samme organisasjon
 building show  booking no      Vis bygning
 free   booking no      Ledig
-document new   booking no      Nytt dokument
\ No newline at end of file
+document new   booking no      Nytt dokument
+example        booking no      Eksempel
+booking settings       booking no      Booking innstillinger
+support email address  booking no      Brukerstøtte e-post adresse
+external host address  booking no      Ekstern verts adresse
+custom email sender    booking no      Tilpasset e-post sender
+logopath frontend      booking no      Sti til logo for frontend
+image maxheight        booking no      Makshøyde for bilder
+image maxwidth booking no      Maksbredde for bilder
+case_officer   booking no      Saksbehandler
+allocation new booking no      Ny tildeling
+event new      booking no      Nytt arrangement
+edit   booking no      Endre
+Delete booking no      Slett
+season new     booking no      Ny sesong
+report participants    booking no      Deltaker rapport
+report freetime        booking no      Ledig tid rapport
+report new     booking no      Ny rapport
+participants per agegroupe     booking no      Deltaker per aldersguppe
+start time     booking no      Starttid
+end time       booking no      Slutttid
+variables      booking no      Variabler
+horizontal     booking no      Horisontal
+vertical       booking no      Vertikal
+permission add booking no      Legg til tilatelse
+activity new   booking no      Ny aktivitet
+account new    booking no      Ny konteringsstreng
+external account       booking no      Ekstern konto
+external customer output format        booking no      Ekstern kunde output 
+external file linebreak        booking no      Tegn for linjeskift
+export agresso booking no      Agresso eksport
+export method  booking no      Eksport metode
+export path    booking no      Eksport sti
+ftp host       booking no      Ftp vert
+ftp basedir    booking no      Ftp initiell katalog ved pålogging
+ftp user       booking no      Ftp bruker
+ftp password   booking no      Ftp passord
+last id        booking no      Siste ID
+do not edit!   booking no      Ikke endre!

Modified: trunk/booking/templates/base/config.tpl
--- trunk/booking/templates/base/config.tpl     2018-01-04 19:04:54 UTC (rev 
+++ trunk/booking/templates/base/config.tpl     2018-01-05 11:23:25 UTC (rev 
@@ -13,23 +13,23 @@
                <tr class="row_on">
-                       <td>{lang_external_host_address}:Example:</td>
+                       <td>{lang_external_host_address}:{lang_example}:</td>
                        <td><input name="newsettings[external_site_address]" 
                <tr class="row_off">
-                       <td>{lang_custom_email_sender}:example: 
+                       <td>{lang_custom_email_sender}:{lang_example}: 
                        <td><input name="newsettings[email_sender]" 
                <tr class="row_on">
-                       <td>{lang_logopath_frontend}:example: 
+                       <td>{lang_logopath_frontend}:{lang_example}: 
                        <td><input name="newsettings[logopath_frontend]" 
                <tr class="row_off">
-                       <td>{lang_image_maxheight}:example: 300</td>
+                       <td>{lang_image_maxheight}:{lang_example}: 300</td>
                        <td><input name="newsettings[image_maxheight]" 
                <tr class="row_on">
-                       <td>{lang_image_maxwidth}:example: 300</td>
+                       <td>{lang_image_maxwidth}:{lang_example}: 300</td>
                        <td><input name="newsettings[image_maxwidth]" 
                <tr class="row_off">

Modified: trunk/bookingfrontend/setup/phpgw_no.lang
--- trunk/bookingfrontend/setup/phpgw_no.lang   2018-01-04 19:04:54 UTC (rev 
+++ trunk/bookingfrontend/setup/phpgw_no.lang   2018-01-05 11:23:25 UTC (rev 
@@ -398,4 +398,35 @@
 please select an activity      bookingfrontend no      Velg en aktivitet
 select date    bookingfrontend no      Velg dato
 cancel event   bookingfrontend no      Avbestill
-free   bookingfrontend no      Ledig
\ No newline at end of file
+free   bookingfrontend no      Ledig
+bookingfrontend settings       bookingfrontend no      Bookingfrontend 
+site title     bookingfrontend no      Tittel på siden
+footer info    bookingfrontend no      Footer informasjon
+remote authentication  bookingfrontend no      Ekstern autentisering
+select method  bookingfrontend no      Velg metode
+use cookies to pass sessionid  bookingfrontend no      Bruk cookie til å 
håndtere sesjoner
+cookie domain for sessions     bookingfrontend no      Cookiedomene for 
+if same as framework leave empty       bookingfrontend no      la stå tomt 
dersom det er det samme som for rammeverket
+anonymous user bookingfrontend no      Anonym bruker
+anonymous password     bookingfrontend no      Anonymt passord
+custom login url       bookingfrontend no      Egendefinert logg inn url
+custom login url parameter     bookingfrontend no      Egendefinert logg inn 
url parametre
+login apikey   bookingfrontend no      login apikey
+login webservicehost   bookingfrontend no      login webservicehost
+login header key       bookingfrontend no      Innloggingsoverskrift:
+login header regular expression        bookingfrontend no      
Innloggingsoverskrift vanlig uttrykk
+login soap client location     bookingfrontend no      login soap klient 
+login soap client uri  bookingfrontend no      login soap klient uri
+login soap client proxy host   bookingfrontend no      login soap klient 
+login soap client proxy port   bookingfrontend no      login soap klient 
+login soap client encoding     bookingfrontend no      login soap klient 
+login soap client login        bookingfrontend no      login soap klient login
+login soap client password     bookingfrontend no      login soap klient 
+login soap client wsdl bookingfrontend no      login soap klient wsdl
+test organization      bookingfrontend no      Test organisasjon
+google tracker id      bookingfrontend no      Goggle sporer id
+url to external logout bookingfrontend no      Url for ekstern logg ut
+Redirect is computed if url ends with  bookingfrontend no      Omdirigering 
blir kalkulert hvis url slutter med
+bookingfrontend host   bookingfrontend no      Bookingfrontend vert
+Needed for the return from the external logout bookingfrontend no      
Nødvendig for retur fra ekstern logg ut
+metadata settings      bookingfrontend no      Metadata innstillinger

Modified: trunk/bookingfrontend/templates/base/config.tpl
--- trunk/bookingfrontend/templates/base/config.tpl     2018-01-04 19:04:54 UTC 
(rev 17500)
+++ trunk/bookingfrontend/templates/base/config.tpl     2018-01-05 11:23:25 UTC 
(rev 17501)
@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@
                <tr class="row_on">
+                       <td>{lang_cookie_domain_for_sessions} - 
                        <td><input name="newsettings[cookie_domain]" 
                <tr class="row_off">
@@ -124,13 +124,13 @@
                <tr class="row_off">
-                               <br/> Redirect is computed if url ends with '='
+                               <br/> 
{lang_Redirect_is_computed_if_url_ends_with} '='
                        <td><input name="newsettings[external_logout]" 
                <tr class="row_off">
-                               <br/> Needed for the return from the 
+                               <br/> 
                        <td><input name="newsettings[bookingfrontend_host]" 

Modified: trunk/phpgwapi/setup/phpgw_no.lang
--- trunk/phpgwapi/setup/phpgw_no.lang  2018-01-04 19:04:54 UTC (rev 17500)
+++ trunk/phpgwapi/setup/phpgw_no.lang  2018-01-05 11:23:25 UTC (rev 17501)
@@ -279,3 +279,10 @@
 no location    common  no      Ingen lokasjon
 enable inheritance     common  no      Aktiver arving
 users  common  no      Brukere
+maximum entries in click path history  common  no      Maksimum oppføringer i 
+debugoutput    common  no      Debugoutput
+add section    common  no      Legg til seksjon
+showing        common  no      Viser
+color selector common  no      Fargevelger
+select all     common  no      Velg alle
+hidden common  no      Gjemt

Modified: trunk/preferences/setup/phpgw_no.lang
--- trunk/preferences/setup/phpgw_no.lang       2018-01-04 19:04:54 UTC (rev 
+++ trunk/preferences/setup/phpgw_no.lang       2018-01-05 11:23:25 UTC (rev 
@@ -187,4 +187,5 @@
 number of assigned controls on home page       preferences     no      Antall 
tildelte kontroller på hjemmeskjerm
 filter tickets on assigned to me       preferences     no      Filtrer 
meldinger på tildelt til meg.
 Do you want av CSV download button for main tables?    preferences     no      
Ønsker du en CSV nedlastingsknapp for hovedtabeller?
-CSV download button    preferences     no      CSV nedlastingsknapp
\ No newline at end of file
+CSV download button    preferences     no      CSV nedlastingsknapp
+help off       preferences     no      Slå av hjelp
\ No newline at end of file

Modified: trunk/property/inc/
--- trunk/property/inc/       2018-01-04 19:04:54 UTC (rev 
+++ trunk/property/inc/       2018-01-05 11:23:25 UTC (rev 
@@ -683,7 +683,7 @@
                                        'request_condition' => array
-                                               'text' => lang('Request 
+                                               'text' => lang('Request 
condition type'),
                                                'url' => 
$GLOBALS['phpgw']->link('/index.php', array('menuaction' => 
                                                        'type' => 

Modified: trunk/property/setup/phpgw_no.lang
--- trunk/property/setup/phpgw_no.lang  2018-01-04 19:04:54 UTC (rev 17500)
+++ trunk/property/setup/phpgw_no.lang  2018-01-05 11:23:25 UTC (rev 17501)
@@ -2244,4 +2244,152 @@
 refund property        no      Refusjon
 both   property        no      Begge
 condition survey location level        property        no      
Tilstandsanalyse lokasjonsnivå
-condition survey import category       property        no      
Tilstandsanalyse importkategori
\ No newline at end of file
+condition survey import category       property        no      
Tilstandsanalyse importkategori
+show overdue projects on main screen   property        no      Vis prosjekter 
over tiden på hovedskjermen
+link to projects you are assigned to   property        no      Knytt til 
prosjekter du er tildelt
+show open tenant claims on main screen property        no      Vis åpne 
leietaker krav på hovedskjermen
+link to claims you are assigned to     property        no      Knytt til krav 
du er tildelt
+the default group to assign a ticket in helpdesk-submodule     property        
no      Standardgruppen for å tildele en billett i helpdesk-submodule
+budget account as listbox      property        no      Budsjettkonto som 
+the input type for budget account      property        no      Input typen for 
+default unspsc code    property        no      Standard unspsc kode
+contact block 1        property        no      Kontakt blokk 1
+contact block 2        property        no      Kontakt blokk 2
+check missing project budget   property        no      Sjekk manglende 
prosjekt budsjett
+request condition_type property        no      Forespør betingelsestype
+pending action type    property        no      Venter på handlingstype
+use acl for document types. (not implementet)  property        no      Bruk 
acl for dokumenttyper . (Ikke implementert)
+org unit id    property        no      Organsisasjonsnummer
+order footer header    property        no      Overskrift for 
+order footer   property        no      bestillings-avslutnings-tekst
+order logo     property        no      Logo på bestilling
+order logo width       property        no      Bredde for logo på bestilling
+SMS client order notice        property        no      SMS-varsling til kunde
+none selected  property        no      Ingen valgt
+dimb responsible 1     property        no      kostnadsstedsansvarlig 1
+dimb responsible 2     property        no      kostnadsstedsansvarlig 2
+invoicehandler property        no      Fakturahåndterer
+invoice acl    property        no      Kontroll av fakturarettigheter
+project status on approval     property        no      Prosjektstatus ved 
+project status on last order closed    property        no      Prosjektstatus 
ved siste ordre lukket
+workorder status on approval   property        no      Arbeidsordre status ved 
+ticket status on approval      property        no      Meldingsstatus ved 
+approval amount limit  property        no      Godkjenningsgrense
+approval level property        no      Godkjenningsnivå
+workorder status on ordered    property        no      Arbeidsordre status ved 
+request status on project hookup       property        no      Behovsstatus 
ved prosjektoppkobling
+request status on ticket hookup        property        no      Behovsstatus 
ved meldingsoppkobling
+workorder status that are to be set when invoice is processed  property        
no      Arbeidsordre status som skal settes når fakturaen er behandlet
+workorder reopen status that are to be set when invoice is processed   
property        no      Arbeidsordre gjenåpne-status som skal settes når 
fakturaen er behandlet
+require building part at workorder     property        no      Krever 
bygningsdel på arbeidsordre
+require vendor at workorder    property        no      Krever leverandør på 
+delay operation workorder end date     property        no      Utsett 
sluttdato for driftsarbeidsordre
+last day in year       property        no      siste dag i året
+enable unspsc kode     property        no      Aktiver unspsc kode
+enable order service id        property        no      Aktiver dimensjonen 
tjeneste i bestilling
+default municipal number       property        no      Standard kommunenummer
+tax    property        no      MVA
+enter the location of files url        property        no      Skriv inn 
adressen til filene (url)
+path to external files for use with location   property        no      Sti til 
eksterne filer for bruk med plassering
+on windows use property        no      På Windows bruk
+max recursive level at external files  property        no      Maks rekursivt 
nivå på eksterne filer
+filter at level at external files      property        no      Filter på nivå 
ved eksterne filer
+enter map url  property        no      Skriv inn kart url
+enter gab location level       property        no      Skriv inn 
+default value is       property        no      Standardverdi er
+enter gab url  property        no      Skriv inn matrikkel url
+gab url paramtres      property        no      Matrikkel url parametre
+suppress old tenant    property        no      Deaktiver leietaker
+show billable hours    property        no      Vis egne timer
+open translates to     property        no      Åpen oversetter til
+tts assign group candidates    property        no      Tts tildele 
+tts disable assign to user on add      property        no      Tts deaktivere 
tilordne til bruker på legg til
+tts simplified group   property        no      Tts forenklet gruppe
+tts simplified categories      property        no      Tts forenklet kategorier
+mail notification      property        no      E-post varsling
+owner notification project     property        no      Prosjekteier varsles
+owner notification tts property        no      Eier varsling tts
+assigned notification tts      property        no      Tildelt varsling tts
+group notification tts property        no      Gruppe varsling tts
+tts file upload        property        no      Tts filopplasting
+mandatory title tts    property        no      Obligatorisk tittel for 
meldinger (tts)
+tts finnish date       property        no      Tts ferdig dato
+tts order contact at location  property        no      Tts bestille kontakt på 
+send response tts      property        no      Sende svar tts
+project suppress meter property        no      Prosjekt: deaktiver måler
+project suppress coordination  property        no      Prosjekt: deaktiver 
+project optional category      property        no      Prosjekt: valgfri 
+request show dates     property        no      Behov: vis datoer
+request location level property        no      Behov: lokasjonsnivå
+request coordinator text       property        no      Behov: koordinatortekst
+meter table    property        no      Målertabell
+receive workorder status by sms        property        no      Motta 
arbeidsordre status via SMS
+use acl for accessing location based information       property        no      
Bruk acl for å få tilgang til plasseringbasert informasjon
+bypass acl for accessing tickets       property        no      Bypass acl for 
å få tilgang til meldinger
+bypass acl for accessing entities      property        no      Bypass acl for 
å få tilgang til generiske entiteter
+use acl for helpdesk categories        property        no      Bruk acl for 
+use location at workorder      property        no      Bruk lokasjon på 
+budget at project level        property        no      Budsjett på prosjektnivå
+common budget account at project level property        no      Felles 
budsjettkonto på prosjektnivå
+update project budget from order       property        no      Oppdater 
prosjektbudsjett fra ordre
+disallow multiple condition types at demands   property        no      Ikke 
tillat flere tilstandstyper på behov
+list location level    property        no      List lokasjonsnivå
+ntlm alternative host  property        no      Alternativ serverhost ved ntlm 
+uploader filetypes     property        no      Opplastingsfiltyper
+filter buildingpart    property        no      Filter for bygningsdel
+condition survey import category       property        no      Importkategori 
for tilstandsanalyse
+initial status that are to be set when condition survey are imported   
property        no      Innledende status som skal settes når tilstandsanalysen 
blir importert
+hidden status that are to be set when condition survey are imported    
property        no      Skjulte statuser som skal settes når tilstandsanalyse 
blir importert
+obsolete status that are to be set for old records when condition survey are 
imported  property        no      Foreldet status som skal settes for gamle 
poster når tilstandsundersøkelsen blir importert
+NO     property        no      NEI
+YES    property        no      JA
+None   property        no      Ingen
+location_id    property        no      Lokasjons ID
+entity property        no      Entitet
+short description      property        no      Kort beskrivelse
+do you really want to convert to eav   property        no      Er du sikker på 
at du vil konvertere til eav?
+appname        property        no      modulnavn
+add attribute  property        no      Legg til egenskap
+column name    property        no      Kolonnenavn
+input text     property        no      Ledetekst
+statustext     property        no      Statustekst
+no group       property        no      Ingen gruppe
+no datatype    property        no      Ingen datatype
+precision      property        no      Presisjon
+scale  property        no      Scale
+nullable       property        no      Nullverdier
+select nullable        property        no      Velg nullverdi
+show in list   property        no      Vis i liste
+include in search      property        no      Inkluder i søk
+true   property        no      Sant
+false  property        no      Falsk
+history        property        no      Historie
+help   property        no      Hjelp
+do you really want to recalculate all actual cost for all workorders   
property        no      Vil du omregne alle faktiske kostnader for alle 
+custom function        property        no      Egendefinerte funksjoner
+list custom function   property        no      Liste over egendefinerte 
+pre commit     property        no      Før lagring til databasen
+client side    property        no      Klientside
+location       property        no      Lokasjon
+list custom attribute  property        no      Liste over egendefinerte 
+client-side    property        no      Klientside
+default ticket categories      property        no      Default meldingskategori
+default assign to tts  property        no      Default tildele til, meldinger
+default group tts      property        no      Default gruppe for meldinger
+dimb role      property        no      DimB Rolle
+process code   property        no      Årsakskode
+add timer      property        no      Legg til tidsplan
+migrate        property        no      Migrer
+list available domains property        no      Liste over domener
+db_host        property        no      Db_server
+db_name        property        no      Db_navn
+db_type        property        no      Db_type
+distribute     property        no      Distribuer
+distribute year        property        no      Distribuerings år
+settings       property        no      Innstillinger
+ask for workorder approval by email    property        no      Be om 
betillingsgodkjenning via e-post
+ask for project approval by email      property        no      Be om 
prosjektgodkjenning via e-post
+TTS default interface  property        no      TTS default interface
+FM settings    property        no      Innstillinger for eiendomsforvaltning
+pending action type    property        no      Handlingstyper
+comma separated email addresses to be notified about tenant claim      
property        no      Kommmaseparert liste over hvem som skal ha e-post om 
\ No newline at end of file

Modified: trunk/property/templates/base/config.tpl
--- trunk/property/templates/base/config.tpl    2018-01-04 19:04:54 UTC (rev 
+++ trunk/property/templates/base/config.tpl    2018-01-05 11:23:25 UTC (rev 
@@ -482,7 +482,7 @@
                                                <option value="" 
@@ -492,7 +492,7 @@
                                                <option value="" 
@@ -558,7 +558,7 @@
                                <td><input name="newsettings[meter_table]" 
value="{value_tenant_claim_notify_mails}" size="40">

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