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[Fluxbox-aa-users] clobber antenna

From: Hetty Herring
Subject: [Fluxbox-aa-users] clobber antenna
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2006 19:24:03 +0430
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But I gave myself a present.
I appreciate your interest and really want to work with you.
Being a mama is hard, hard, hard.
When they are acting up, they have a hard time paying attention - in class, to the rules, to their own safety.
And then, in a moment, his "together" cord will snap and he'll lash out - somersaulting, hurling himself around in giddy silly aggression.
I knitted in my hospital room. People are saying, "I saw you in the paper! Do I have a larger responsibility to my family, or to the world?
In my final analysis, I've decided that it's impossible to keep your kids from swearing unless you, yourself, have never been a swearing type. gilbert at weblogsinc.
If I have a higher purpose in life, a goal outside feeding my family and putting dollars in the Roth IRA, it's this: making other mamas and dads out there know that they're not the only ones.
I'm here to say that life with kids, it's not perfect. I'm having a lot of fun as the head of two blogs, and it's not just me - lots of other great stuff is going on at Weblogs, Inc.
I'm marketing myself and my business. " Somehow, some of my commenters seemed to be saying, life with children should either be perfect - or I'm a selfish, whining LOSER.
gilbert at weblogsinc.
"There's nothing that makes me feel more warm inside. ", people are asking to be in my mama's group, people are calling to set up phone interviews with me.
He told me to feel free to use it, if I so chose, and I thought about doing so.
I ate a garlicky veggie-and-cheese panini sandwich with herbs-and-greens salad. It was happy, indeed.
But I'm thoroughly happy. He fit Hirshman's requirements, oddly enough - he was in a less prestigious job, he was less educated than I, he was good at laundry and washing dishes. It's a delicate balance, difficult to achieve, but brilliant if I can make it work.
But in both roles, I'm often more than frustrated. I rounded the corner onto Division and headed past Stumptown, and knew I could keep going.
I gave a little bit of cash in the great Weblogs, Inc.
Where do we draw the line between his obligations at home and his desire to save humanity?
He'd have to switch to the National Guard.

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