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[fluid-dev] FluidSynth 2.0 beta talk

From: Tom M.
Subject: [fluid-dev] FluidSynth 2.0 beta talk
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2018 10:53:22 +0200

A second beta of FluidSynths next major version has been released. FluidSynth 
2.0 is now feature complete!


This second beta adds missing accessor functions to the new soundfont loader 
API and fluid_synth_process() has finally received a real implementation.

Also note that the ramsfont API has beed removed. If you think that's a bad 
idea, please share your thoughts on the mailing list.

For further info what's new, find the preliminary changelog below. For 
developers the API docs will be of special interest as well:


### New Features
* implement polyphonic key pressure (#185, thanks to @mawe42)
* add API for manipulating default modulators (#265, #164, #71, thanks to 
* add `midi.autoconnect` setting for automatically connecting fluidsynth with 
available MIDI Input ports (currently only for `alsa_seq` thanks to 
* add seek support to midi-player (#261, thanks to @loki666)
* add support for text and lyrics midi events (#111)
* add support for 24 bit sample soundfonts (#301, #329)
* consider "important midi channels" during overflow calculation 
`synth.overflow.important-channels` (#294, thanks to @mawe42)
* add a custom default modulator for MIDI CC8 to support proper stereo balance 
(#317, thanks to @mawe42)
* add support for an additional custom high-pass filter (#331, thanks to 
* incorporate JJC's polymono patch (#306, #236, #158)
  * add basic channel support
  * implement MIDI modes Omni On, Omni Off, Poly, Mono
  * implement portamento control
  * implement legato control
  * implement breath control
* add support soundfont loading from memory (#241)
* add a profiling command interface (#345, thanks to @jjceresa)
* add support on demand sample loading (#366, thanks to @mawe42)
* add reverb and chorus settings (#49)
* allow using the midi router to manipulate midi files when playing from 
command line
* `fluid_synth_process()` received a new proper implementation
* `synth.effects-groups` allows to render effects of all MIDI channels to 
separate audio channels

### General
* consider channel pressure, key pressure and pitch wheel for lower attenuation 
boundary calculation (#163, thanks to @mawe42)
* complete rewrite of the LADSPA subsystem (#227,  #235, thanks to @mawe42)
* complete rewrite of the Soundfont Loader API (#334, #309)
* avoid reverb amplitude growing exponentially (#279, thanks to @jjceresa)
* removed deprecated autotools build system
* a minimal build of fluidsynth without requiring pkg-config is supported
* remove deprecated LADCCA support
* use unique device names for the `audio.portaudio.device` setting (#284, 
thanks to @jjceresa)
* documentation of the settings moved to 
* adjust MIDI Pan and Balance calculations as outlined by MIDI Recommended 
Practice (RP-036) (#317, thanks to @mawe42)
* make network support compile-time optional (#307, thanks to @carlo-bramini)
* speed up calculation of chorus modulation waveforms for devices without FPU 
(#321, thanks to @carlo-bramini)
* cleanup internal audio rendering and mixing engine (#197)
* reduce memory consumption of loaded soundfonts (#370, thanks to @mawe42)

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