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Re: [fluid-dev] Play non-soundfont audio files, for one-shots, movie quo

From: Garth Hjelte
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] Play non-soundfont audio files, for one-shots, movie quotes, etc
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2018 18:27:16 -0500

At 09:17 PM 7/9/2018, you wrote:

>>But once in a while I want to add a single audio file to play, like a movie 
>>quote (for example) or a simple one-shot sound that does not warrant building 
>>a sound font.

>If the question is "does Fluidsynth synthesizer are able to play a sound 
>without any soundfont file", the answer is "no".
>Fluidsynth being a SF2 synthesizer plays sound samples coming from SF2 
>soundfont. If the sample is defined to be played as a one shot (not lopped), 
>Fluidsynth will play it "one shot".
>With a soundfont editor you can add a sample coming from a WAV file and add a 
>new preset to play this sample. Doing this seems simpler that doing the job in 
>an other specific audio player.
>Fluidsynth does't play samples described by SFZs format.

JJC is right, but I get what you are saying. SF editors are usually big 
complicated beasts. I've authored Translator, a Mac/Win program that converts 
any format to any format - inst files, bank files like SF, and single sound 
files (WAVE, etc.), and it can be a beast too. Wouldn't be wonderful to have 
something quick and easy to create a SF really quickly (no beast)? Like if 
there was a menu option within Finder/Explorer to quickly create it without 
thinking? I'll work on that. 

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