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[fluid-dev] state of support for vorbis-compressed sf3 sound fonts?

From: Fabian Greffrath
Subject: [fluid-dev] state of support for vorbis-compressed sf3 sound fonts?
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2015 10:09:06 +0200


the musescore authors have single-handedly introduced a new sound font
format SF3 which is the same as SF2 but with vorbis-compressed samples:


They state that their software includes a modified version of
fluidsynth which includes support for that format and did already
convert the soundfont included with musescore 2.0.

I have created a patch to add support for sound fonts in SF3 
format with Ogg Vorbis compressed samples to FluidSynth. It is mostly a
proof of concept but works well already:


However, I have not yet got any feedback for this patch or any hint if
this feature is going to be included in future fluidsynth releases?

So, what is the state of this?

Best regards,


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