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[fluid-dev] questions while considering FluidSynth for a cross-platform

From: Ien Cheng
Subject: [fluid-dev] questions while considering FluidSynth for a cross-platform mobile game
Date: Sun, 10 May 2015 16:08:24 -0400

Hi fluid-dev -

I'm considering using FluidSynth for a mobile game that I want to release on iOS and Android, to generate SoundFond 2 sounds on the fly.

I have some basic context questions to make sure I'm on the right track and would be grateful for any help. Note I'm a relative newbie when it comes to digital audio synthesis, so thanks for your patience if these are dumb questions.

1. I need FluidSynth (or another third-party software package like it) to synthesize SF2-based sounds on Android, right? i.e. there is no built-in support for doing so on Android.

2. I'm aware of the legal licensing risk of using FluidSynth on iOS. But it seems that iOS has built in support for Sound Font 2 so it seems there's no need for FluidSynth on iOS to synth SF2 sounds, is that correct?

If the answers to these two questions are both yes, then it seems to make sense to architect my game around Sound Font 2 sounds, using FluidSynth for the Android version and the built-in SF2 support for iOS. 

And finally -- another non SF2-related question. What is the advantage of difference between SF2 and DLS 2? I ask because it seems both Android and iOS support DLS 2 natively. 

Thanks for any tips or help as I get up to speed on all this!


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