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Re: [fluid-dev] Default sustain behaviour question

From: Aere Greenway
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] Default sustain behaviour question
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2013 09:16:27 -0700
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On 11/14/2013 07:24 AM, Eric Gagnon wrote:



I have a basic question about the default behaviour of the sustain function.  I use the standard MIDI GM soundfont and select a wind instrument like 65 Alto Sax.  When I hold down the sustain pedal and play any note, the note is sustained indefinitely until I let got the sustain pedal.  Is this the expected behaviour?  By contrast, an instrument like 0 Piano will simply decay more slowly when the sustain pedal is pressed but will ultimately still fade away.  With a wind instrument, since the notes stay on, it quickly becomes a very loud cacophony of notes unless you quickly let go of the pedal.


Is this a property of the soundfont or of the fluidsynth settings?  What changes to the fluidsynth settings would I need to make to have a similar behaviour on the wind instruments than I get on other instruments (slow fade)? 






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I think (and hope) it is the expected behavior. 

In performing with such an instrument sound (oboe, for example), I sometimes use the sustain pedal to hold out a note while I shift my hand(s) to a different area.  So it is useful in that rare occasion. 

Usually though, the sustain pedal is not useful for such instrument sounds. 


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