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Re: [fluid-dev] No reverb with piano soundfont + qsynth

From: Graham Goode
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] No reverb with piano soundfont + qsynth
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2013 08:41:43 +0200

Like any other soundfont player, fluidsynth has options to activate or
deactivate the Reverb and Chorus engines during Playback, plus adjust
the amount of reverb and amount of chorus of the Playback of the
soundfont, Qsynth has a graphical representation for these options and

The final amount of Reverb being played is a sum total of the values
in the soundfont multiplied by the values in the playback engine.
There was an equation floating about during a discussion on this
sometime back but I can't find it. In Adma's case it is likely that
the soundfont has no (or zero) values and so no reverb will be part of
the playback.

As to how much of the Soundfont specification has been supported, I've
always assumed 'most of it'... the developers will have to answer that

On 9/30/13, Garth Hjelte <address@hidden> wrote:
> At 12:06 PM 9/28/2013, you wrote:
>>Adam informed us that he was using Qsynth. My assumption is that he has not
>> gone into the soundfont to see if these settings have been created but is
>> just activating the Qsynth reverb and chorus options and hearing no
>> effect. Hence my advice to get a soundfont editor and examine the
>> internals of the soundfont to see if reverb and chorus have definitions.
> OK, makes sense, I guess. What are the QSynth Rev/Ch options? Do they just
> "allow" the rev/ch but only if they are specified in the SF itself (kind of
> like a master override)?
> Is there a list published that documents what SF parameters FluidSynth
> supports, or is it just assumed that it supports all of them? And if so,
> does that include any modulators in the 'imod' chunk (support in SF Spec
> "2.3")?
>>This is probably an issue with the soundfont. Both Reverb and Chorus need
>> to be defined within the instrument or preset of the soundfont. Use a
>> soundfont editor to add the Reverb and Chorus % values to the soundfont
>> definition to solve this issue.
>>Isn't that what the poster said? If the SF has a reverb or chorus setting,
>> it can be in no other place than the Preset ('pgen') or Instrument
>> ('igen') areas. Or are you telling the poster that he's mistaken and the
>> piano has no Chorus or Reverb?
>>>I'm using qsynth and I've installed a nice piano soundfont from,
>>> http://zenvoid.org/audio/
>>>Sadly, any reverb or chorus setting is ignored. This can easily be
>>>duplicated with virtual keyboard.
>>>Is this a problem with fluidsyth, the soundfont or something else?
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