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Re: [fluid-dev] Fluidsynth changes

From: Josh Green
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] Fluidsynth changes
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2007 19:38:05 +0200

On Sun, 2007-04-22 at 17:16 +0200, Miguel Lobo wrote:

> Sure.  I just mean that talk is cheap.  Technical flamewars on OSS
> mailing lists tend to involve many people with strong opinions, even
> people whose contribution to the project in question in terms of code
> are slim to none.  That doesn't mean they can comment, of course, but
> when technical disagreement seems unsolvable, as is so often the case,
> it's time to see who is willing to support his opinions by writing
> code and who isn't.  This approach has been followed in the Linux
> kernel and the KDE project with (IMO) good results. 
> For the moment, as far as Fluidsynth is concerned, I'm one of those
> people who is all talk and no code, so I can understand that Josh and
> others may have reservations when I'm proposing big changes.  I
> believe that by showing a complete working C++-ized Fluidsynth I'll be
> able to better support my position, so I was suggesting than if Josh
> can postpone the decision, he can wait to see my code and then decide
> if those criticisms to my approach are applicable or not. 
> As always, no offence is meant to anyone.  Reasonable people can
> disagree and all that.
> Regards,
> Miguel

It sounds like a good plan to me.  Looking forward to what kinds of
things you cook up.

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