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[fluid-dev] question about fluidsynth include statements

From: Marcus Planet
Subject: [fluid-dev] question about fluidsynth include statements
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2007 11:14:16 -0400

Hello Josh and others and thank you for the helpful info regarding
jack setups.  It appears to me that recent faster processor speeds and
recent kernel developments are having an impact on the importance of
jack and specialized kernels, but that the jack approach is very
strong in terms of its ability to link different apps together in a
reliable and efficient way.

In this fluid-synth related program I'm working on I am having no
difficulty using many of the fluid commands, however I'm getting this
message-- warning: implicit declaration of function
'fluid_synth_all_notes_off'-- despite attempting several variations of
include statements such as '#include <fluidsynth.h>" (which works for
most) and "#include <fluidsynth/fluid_synth.h>" and several others.
Could I have a pointer here?

Let me add that I've recently begun using Subversion and I'm finding
it much much better than CVS.   Thank you for your advice!


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