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[fluid-dev] Question about running as root

From: Marcus Planet
Subject: [fluid-dev] Question about running as root
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2007 10:23:34 -0400

Hi Josh and all,

My program Wave Harp (http://waveharp.sourcforge.net) is based in
large part on the great fluidsynth libs and I have some newb
questions, the first one being:

It appears that fluidsynth is happier running as root.  That is to
say, the warning "swapping is possible" comes up when one does not run
as root.  My program, being based partly on fluidsynth, behaves
similarly.  Could I hear why it is helpful for fluidsynth to run as
root?  I have not come across this explanation thus far in my
informational travels.

Thank you very much!


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