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[fluid-dev] Fluid/qsynth/rosegarden not giving stable audio output after

From: Marc Brevoort
Subject: [fluid-dev] Fluid/qsynth/rosegarden not giving stable audio output after a while-Blame Jack
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005 08:49:09 +0000


Are you by any chance using an SB-Live with 44.1khz samplerate? If so this is a known issue with this card, it works much better at 48khz.
If not... I don't know ;)

Since this message I've identified the problem to be with the Jack Audio Connection kit only. If I configure qsynth/fluidsynth to playback directly via ALSA, the problem does not occur (of course, with the drawback that the synth output cannot be routed, for example, to freqtwear or rezound).

Also, yes, I was running at 44.1 khz. The music is intended for burning to CD, and resampling from 48 khz to 44.1 in the end of the process introduces some (albeit not a lot) loss of quality. Also I figured running at 44.1 should allow for about 10% more instruments because there's less to calculate.

I realize that the problem is attributed to the card itself (an audigy, not a live, but also using an emu10k1, so it has the same problem). But if playing direct-to-ALSA can play back smoothly through the hardware at 44.1kHz, I see no reason why Jack using ALSA driver shouldn't be able to do the same, so to me this looks like a software problem. For now I'm running Jack at 48 khz.

The Jack list recommends this (playing at 48 khz) stating "please see if the problem still occurs then so that we can isolate it being a problem with jack or not), which seems to solve the audio stability problem, however Jack still quits on me after a while, so I'll take this problem to that list. They'll be thrilled to find out this particular problem in the end seems to be a software issue ;)

Best regards,
Marc Brevoort

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