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Re: [fluid-dev] Sound fluid/qsynth/rosegarden not giving stable audio ou

From: Robert Jonsson
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] Sound fluid/qsynth/rosegarden not giving stable audio output after a while
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 22:52:20 +0100
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torsdagen den 10 mars 2005 22.12 skrev Marc Brevoort:
> Hello devlist,
> For some time I've been trying to set up a combination of
> fluidsynth/qsynth/rosegarden, with success, however after playing sound for
> a bit, short pops start appearing in the sound, which gets worse over time
> until there's an almost constant rattle/hum in the audio playback.
> Completely restarting Jack and qsynth solves the problem.

Are you by any chance using an SB-Live with 44.1khz samplerate? If so this is 
a known issue with this card, it works much better at 48khz.

If not... I don't know ;)


> Something that might be relevant to this problem is that I've borrowed my
> moms casio CTK-611 keyboard (yeah I know YUCK casio), which I've been using
> as master keyboard
> for a while. Running amidi --dump I've noticed that this MIDI keyboard
> never sends
> note-off messages. Instead, it sends note-on MIDI messages with a velocity
> of 0 to turn
> off the note. So, obviously it doesn't work the way MIDI was designed. What
> can I do?
> The piece I'm putting together uses some non-looped soundfonts (piano) and
> some looped-soundfonts (strings and horns). I suspect that once a
> non-looped sample reaches its end, it no longer needs processing by
> fluidsynth and it will be removed from the list of samples to play. However
> a looped sample never ends. Could it be that the poor MIDI implementation
> of the keyboard forces fluidsynth to play more and more and more looped
> silent samples?
> I realize that ultimately I should simply replace the keyboard by one that
> has a proper MIDI implementation, but unfortunately at this moment that's
> not an option to me. Could the poor MIDI implementation be the cause of my
> trouble, and if so, is there anything that can be done to turn a
> zero-velocity note-on message into a note-off message?
> Where in the code would I start looking to realize this?
> Best regards,
> Marc Brevoort
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