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Re: Flexisip config issue

From: François Grisez
Subject: Re: Flexisip config issue
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2022 11:42:30 +0200
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Hi Vishal,

I confirm that your repository was correctly set to have the last stable version of Flexisip (2.1.x), which is still the officially recommended version.

I also inform you that the flexisip_pusher utility is fixed in the current release candidate of Flexisip 2.2.0, that you can install by uncommenting the beta branch of the repository (it is recommended to keep the stable branch enabled). Flexisip 2.2.0 will likely be released before the end of this week. Once you have installed the beta version, the commend line you used at the beginning of this thread should work as is. The '--help' documentation has also been updated to have a better description of each option and an example for each kind of push notification you would need to send.

Best regards,

On 01/08/2022 19:18, Vishal Pai wrote:
Hi François

As checked the certificate is valid as per the log.

I have installed using

# For Debian 10
deb [arch=amd64] http://linphone.org/snapshots/debian buster stable # hotfix beta alpha

# For Debian
wget https://linphone.org/snapshots/debian/keyring.gpg -O - | sudo apt-key add -

apt update
apt install bc-flexisip

Can you please let me know how I can downgrade or upgrade to fix it up.


On Mon, Aug 1, 2022 at 5:49 PM François Grisez <francois.grisez@belledonne-communications.com> wrote:


I know that flexisip_pusher is broken in the master branch of Flexisisp, so you cannot use it to debug push notifications right now.

Concerning the message in your syslog, it may happen if you haven't put any APN client certificate in /etc/flexisip/apn called <bundle-id>.voip.prod.pem and <bundle-id>.voip.dev.pem  or one of these are expired. You should check the log on Flexisip starting to see whether the required APN certificates are correctly loaded.

On 25/07/2022 10:19, Vishal Pai wrote:
Hello Everyone

I am trying to have push notification using flexisip_pusher and configure the server like below documents


Here on registered request for Ext I am having pn-provider=apns;pn-param=ABCD1234.<bundle-id>.voip;pn-prid=4beeed726fe37ae00cc90c3e9f1f52214603cbfe7ec96af503b5166dcdf7ca88:voip in contact header.

But it is not working, getting below error on manual push.

root@flexisip:/opt/belledonne-communications/bin# ./flexisip_pusher --pn-provider apns --pn-param ABCD1234.<bundle-id>.voip --pn-prid 4beeed726fe37ae00cc90c3e9f1f52214603cbfe7ec96af503b5166dcdf7ca88:voip --apple-push-type PushKit --debug
Writing logs in : /var/opt/belledonne-communications/log/flexisip/flexisip-pusher.log
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::runtime_error'
  what():  pn-param does not define required service: remote

while in syslog i am getting
Jul 25 08:14:50 flexisip flexisip: tport_name_by_url() failed for url sip:xyz.abc.com
Jul 25 08:14:50 flexisip flexisip: tport_name_by_url() failed for url sip:xyz.abc.com
Jul 25 08:15:04 flexisip flexisip: No push notification client available for push notification request : 0x55ad03b72590

Any help can highly apricated.

François Grisez
Software Engineer
Belledonne Communications


François Grisez
Software Engineer
Belledonne Communications

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