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Re: [Flexisip-developers] not sending firebase push notification

From: Brian J. Murrell
Subject: Re: [Flexisip-developers] not sending firebase push notification
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2019 09:03:57 -0400
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On Thu, 2019-07-25 at 08:02 +0200, Sylvain Berfini wrote:
> Hi,

Hi Sylvain,

> If you don't cate for the user-agent filter remove it as it is wrong.

Yeah.  As I mentioned, it was an act of desperation, and not knowing if
the absence of a filter meant no pushing would happen at all.

>  From your logs, here is the user-agent of your device:
> LinphoneAndroid/4.1.1-debug (FRD-L04) LinphoneSDK/4.2 (tags/4.2^0)
> (belle-sip/1.6.3)

Aahhh.  It's not a sub-string, or even startwith match.

In any case, I have commented it out entirely:

#filter=user-agent == 'LinphoneAndroid/4.1.1-debug'

Just to confirm, that should mean that a push will be attempted to any
device that registers with a token and whatnot, yes?


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