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[Fhsst-physics] False Information in an example?

From: Lucas Vogelsang
Subject: [Fhsst-physics] False Information in an example?
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2006 10:50:44 +0200
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I have found your book via Wikibooks. I am currently learning for a physicstest and think that this book is quite helpfull for me, even though I am from Switzerland.

However one thing confused me:

The worked example 75 seems to be wrong.
It first says:

F_{E} = T*sin(60) and F_{g} = T*sin(60)

next time they refer to F_{E} as F_{E} = T* cos(60) = ...

So what is correct?

I have found this in a pdf. It is on the pdf page 230 or the page 222 according to the documents page numbers.


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