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[Feuerkraft-CVS] Information

From: ISMonitor
Subject: [Feuerkraft-CVS] Information
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2004 01:29:15 +0100



Your internet page www.nongnu.org at port 80 has been chosen for FREE monitoring in next 7 days.


We believe that you are doing best to keep  your pages  available to your partners at all times. Nevertheless, the problems with accessibility may occur and often it is hard to find out why. This may happen, for example, because your administrators are maintaining pages in different conditions than your external partners. But most often reason is simply lack of time for  the attention and monitoring of their  status.


This is why  we developed a service for  monitoring web services and alert owners in case of their failure. You will find more info about our service  at http://www.ISMonitor.net/faq.aspx.


You are invited to  visit our page www.ISMonitor.net and to become our partner.


As welcome gift you will receive a FREE 30 days of our service support, if you decide and REGISTER   for our service within next 3 days (valid only for annual package).


You can check your current statistics with username non215 and password: 719.


With registering for our service


    - your server will be monitored from at least 2 independent servers
    - you could select best package for you
    - you will be notified within minutes if your service is unavailable
    - you will get periodically reports with real data : availability and real delay
    - you could add more of your standard internet services, like Mail service, FTP, SMTP and others
    - you can set up to notify more persons for each service

    - and lots others

Our free testing ends in 10 days.


Best regards

ISMonitor Team.

If you are not responsible for the server www.nongnu.org, please forward  the appropriate administrator.


If you wish to stop monitoring your server and to remove all your data, just send mail  to address@hidden with subject REMOVE.

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