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[Fenfire-dev] rst & bibtex

From: Alatalo Toni
Subject: [Fenfire-dev] rst & bibtex
Date: Tue, 17 May 2005 13:15:44 +0300 (EEST)


saw your message on docutils-users when googling for info about rst &
bibtex -- have you had any success?

i know one project where they've written papers in rst and used bibtex,
http://fenfire.org/ is the project, am cc'ing their list

just dug up one such article from their old manuscripts arch (fenfire has
moved to darcs since but afaik the old Manuscripts module is not there),
put up copies of the relevant files on-line at:

based on those it seems that either there is some version of docutils/rst
available that supports bibliographies, or that someone in Fenfire patched
a custom on that does, 'cause there is at the end of article.rst:

.. bibliography:: ../gzigzag ../p2p

and normal rst references to entries in those bibtex files have worked
somehow (the paper was published by acm :)

could someone tell how it is, and is there perhaps something that could be used?


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