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Re: [Fenfire-dev] Positioning transclusion buois

From: Tuomas Lukka
Subject: Re: [Fenfire-dev] Positioning transclusion buois
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2003 20:49:26 +0200
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On Fri, Dec 05, 2003 at 03:34:22PM +0200, Asko Soukka wrote:
> Hi,
> Is it so that a buoy is optimally positioned for the top left corner
> (0,0) of a transclusion? I mean that, when I move to the top left
> corner of the transclusion, the buoy is shown just on the right
> side. Althought, the connector line is drawn from the center of the
> transclusion to the buoy.
> At least on my resolution (1200x960) this causes that if I move to the
> center of a big transclusion (where the connector line starts) the
> buoy will almost disappear somewhere over the transclusion. Should it
> be that way?
> I have also been confused many times that when moving any object, the
> new cursor location will be set to the top left corner of the
> object. Well, fixing this needs store objects' coordinates  where it
> was clicked (and selected) in the first place.

Yes, this is an obvious bug - it should be positioned
by the center of the object.


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