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[Fenfire-dev] Libvob features needed for Loom

From: Benjamin-Elias Fallenstein
Subject: [Fenfire-dev] Libvob features needed for Loom
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 11:55:45 +0100 (MET)

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I need the following features in Libvob (for Loom): 
- - A "between" cs which has two parents, and translates to the point in 
the middle *between* these cs. 
- - A "translate in polar coordinates" cs, which has one parent and 
translates from there, but not in euclidean x/y, but instead in 
angle/radius. Needed to make interpolation in wheel view work right. 
- - A way to "fade" a number of vobs placed into the scene. On GL, fading 
would be implemented by increasing alpha; on AWT, by blending colors 
with the background color. For coding to be sane, this needs to work so 
that I can tell Libvob, "Ok, from now on ... till now, fade all vobs 
this much," like with clipping, so that I can have a method that decides 
that we have to fade now, and another method that draws the actual faded 
vobs. Additionally, fading needs to be cumulative, i.e. if I say "fade 
to 90%," and then again "fade to 90%" before ending the first fade, we 
need to fade to 90% * 90%. 
I know that's not exactly easy, but we need to start thinking about how 
to do this-- fading by hand is *horrible*. (Besides, I cannot seem to 
get alpha to work on GL :-( -- at least when setting the alpha in the bg 
color of a RectBgVob, it doesn't seem to have any effect.) 
- - Benja 
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