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[ff-cvs] Please help me

From: Miss Binta Bahie
Subject: [ff-cvs] Please help me
Date: Tue, 07 Nov 2006 11:39:37 +0400


I am MISS BINTA BAHIE and am 24 years of age. I happen to be the only surviving 
daughter/child of LATE MR. PATRICK BAHIE.

I have decided to contact you over a desperate and pitiable situation in which 
I find myself after loosing my parents and siblings to the civil crises in my 
country. I am left alone in the world.

I must inform you that most of my family’s assets and funds were either looted 
or vandalized by my father’s business partners and government’s authorities.

At the moment, I need your cordial assistance in receiving a fund worth of 
US$18M. This fund was deposited by my late father as family belongings with a 
private security firm.

I would need your assistance in receiving and investing this funds as well as 
helping me in obtaining traveling documents to your country or any other 
western country to enable me finish my education.

I am ready to provide you with all the relevant information related to this 
deposit including all documents.

Again, my whole life will be a mess if nothing is done urgently to receive 
these funds as my entire livelihood now lies on these funds. Please in any way 
you can be of help to me do as you will not only help me as a person rather you 
will be helping humanity in general.

Furthermore, I will be looking forward to your quick response to this effect as 
I will welcome your suggestions on way forward including your conditions of 

More so, I have decided to compensate your much needed assistance with 20% of 
the total sum while any expenses you will incur in the course of the 
transaction will be refunded as soon as the business is done.

Be informed that, I am doing things on my own for now and I do not see any form 
of risk in the transaction as long as we will continue this transaction between 
us at least until I travel out from these wicked people.

I will wait for to hear from you as soon as possible.


Binta Bahie

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