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[Fab-user] Fabric release candidate 1 out and **on PyPI**!

From: Jeff Forcier
Subject: [Fab-user] Fabric release candidate 1 out and **on PyPI**!
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 2009 00:22:34 -0400

Hi all,

A bunch of announcements, apologies for dumping them on you all at once:

1. Fabric 0.9rc1 is out!

Code-wise, just a few smallish bugfixes -- it's mostly for...

2. Docs overhaul!

The documentation has been almost completely redone and massively
expanded, including but not limited to: a new tutorial, multiple
different usage doc pages, some docstring updates, and tweaks to the
other assorted files (README, FAQ etc.) These changes are now all live
on http://docs.fabfile.org -- please take a look!

3. Paramiko vendorization

Due to the ongoing Paramiko issues, I have included a copy of Paramiko
1.7.4 in our source distribution, starting today. easy_install seems
to drop it where it needs to go without issue, and it's not cluttering
up the fabric.* namespace either, so I'm happy. Whether this is
temporary or turns into a full-blown fork attempt remains to be seen.

3. PyPI has finally seen its first taste of Fabric 0.9! (0.1.1 is
still available, however -- learned that lesson from Paramiko.)

One of the reasons of doing this is so there is "a" release up on PyPI
at long last, so more users can test it out (and so I could get used
to the deploy process) even though it's not technically a final
release. And the reason this is RC1 and not 0.9 final is...

4. I may be out of touch for the next week or two, starting right about now.

Going in for some fun fun lower abdominal surgery tomorrow morning,
and if it's like the last time I did this, I'll be alternately in lots
of pain or on crazy drugs for a week or more. Hopefully it'll be less
invasive than last time or I'm misremembering how out of touch I was
during recovery -- but I may not be up to checking my email or fixing
bugs for at least a few days.

Anyway, so I'm basically ready for a release, now that the doc
overhaul is done, but didn't want to do something stamped as "please
use this on your production servers" right before going AWOL for a
bit. Thus, an RC. Unless there are show-stopper issues with the
setup.py (or, somehow, others that have gone undetected till now,) I
expect 0.9.0 will be out as soon as I'm conscious enough to release


5. Not an announcement really, but: thanks for your continued support!
I apologize profusely for how long the 0.9 process has taken. Now that
a solid foundation is in place I expect actual, agile/rapid
development from here on out. I'm very happy with the amount of
feedback and bug reports that have been coming in -- please keep it


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