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[ESPResSo-devel] Velocities appearing to have half of intended value

From: Evyatar Arad
Subject: [ESPResSo-devel] Velocities appearing to have half of intended value
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2015 14:41:29 +0300

Hello again,

First, congrats on the newly implemented Langevin thermostat!

As previously posted, I’ve integrated a new thermostat\integrator to Espresso. 
The equations are all there, well written (as far as I can tell) and accounted 
I am having some troubles with the velocity values. For some reason it seems 
the average velocity per particle is exactly half then what the original 
integrator provides. 
I should add that if I try to simply add a *2 coefficient to the equations, the 
bonds break at warmup - suggesting the velocities are half than the original 
ones at the post warmup steady state.

Any Idea as to what might cause this?

Thanks again,

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