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Re: [ESPResSo-devel] Tutorial

From: Olaf Lenz
Subject: Re: [ESPResSo-devel] Tutorial
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2012 10:02:17 +0200
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On 10/16/2012 07:01 PM, Joost de Graaf wrote:
> I had a problem with the tutorials from the espresso website 
> **, they are also in 
> the *doc/tutorial* folder in the espresso source. Neither one
> works.

Wow, now that is some nice feedback, even if it is negative!
If the tutorials do not work, they should definitely be fixed. It's
frustrating that the tutorials that so many people have worked on still
do not work.

> PPS. Perhaps a little late, but a small comment on the espresso 
> summer school. The reason why I am trying the tutorials is because
> I did not feel that I would be able to write my own script from
> scratch on Espresso after the tutorial - which is basically true
> for any summer school on programming.

Indeed, I did not expect that people would be able to start a new script
from scratch. Usually, one takes a working script as basis and starts
modifying it to your own needs. I thought that the scripts from the
"Introduction to ESPResSo" session should help with that.

> tutorials. I guess you seemed to want to address this 'problem'
> with the espresso summer school in a possible "sit down with an
> espresso programmer and work on a problem you are interested in"
> session.

Not really. That session is more intended for people that already have
an idea what they want to do with ESPResSo to get started. I do not
expect that they would come out of the session with a working script,
but more with an idea how to employ ESPResSo for their own problem. Or
maybe somebody who already has tsrated can get his script fixed, or at
least reviewed.

> But it might be useful to also rework the some of the tutorials
> (at least the online ones) to make them work for espresso 3.1.1 so
> that people can also play around 'in a safe environment' when they
> go home and get more confidence with the platform.

Yes, definitely!


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