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[Erbot-cvs] Changes to erbot/ChangeLog

From: Michael W . Olson
Subject: [Erbot-cvs] Changes to erbot/ChangeLog
Date: Fri, 01 Jul 2005 02:45:39 -0400

Index: erbot/ChangeLog
diff -u erbot/ChangeLog:1.13 erbot/ChangeLog:1.14
--- erbot/ChangeLog:1.13        Thu Jun  9 20:31:25 2005
+++ erbot/ChangeLog     Fri Jul  1 06:45:39 2005
@@ -1,3 +1,25 @@
+2005-07-01  Michael Olson  <address@hidden>
+       * erball.el (erball-compilation-paths-rel-to): New variable
+       populated by `--paths-rel-to ARG' on the emacs command line,
+       taking the value of ARG.
+       (erball-compiling-p): New variable that is non-nil when
+       `--compile-erbot' is included on the emacs command line.  This is
+       used to indicate that we want to compile erbot from a Makefile.
+       (erball-compilation-paths): Elements to add to load-path when the
+       compilation flag, erball-compiling-p, is set.
+       (erball-files): Automatically populate this if erball-compiling-p
+       is set.
+       (erball-compile): If erball-compiling-p is set, use a simpler
+       routine.
+       * Makefile: New file that allows erbot to be compiled and
+       installed.  Edit the top of the file to indicate where to find
+       emacs and where to install the files.
+       * README.txt (URL): Add brief mention of how to compile and
+       install erbot.
 2005-06-09  Michael Olson  <address@hidden>
        * contrib/wtf.el: New file that contains a list of acronyms in

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