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[Erbot-cvs] erbot erbc.el

From: Pete Kazmier
Subject: [Erbot-cvs] erbot erbc.el
Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2005 23:29:07 -0500

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/erbot
Module name:    erbot
Changes by:     Pete Kazmier <address@hidden>   05/01/08 04:08:55

Modified files:
        .              : erbc.el 

Log message:
        Enhanced fsi-wserver and fsi-web so they no longer have the opportunity
        to pass user input to a shell command.  Previously, both of these
        functions passed a url as an argument to w3m.  The new versions use
        url-retrieve to download the contents without calling out to the shell.
        url-retrieve returns both the headers and body (separated by a blank
        line) into a buffer.
        fsi-wserver now pulls the headers from this buffer and sends the output
        to the user.  fsi-web has a little more work to do because the body is
        raw HTML.  I use shell-command-on-region to pipe the body into w3m (not
        passed as an argument) and then have the function replace the contents
        of the region with the now formatted output.  This is then returned to
        the user.


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