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Re: GNU poke 2.90.0 on Linux/sparc64

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: GNU poke 2.90.0 on Linux/sparc64
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2023 09:26:41 +0100

Luca Saiu wrote:
> So let us switch to a whitelist approach: the only architectures *not*
> needing far branches are:
> - i386 (32-bit displacement but currently not supported anyway
>         for no-threading);
> - x86_64 with some luck (32-bit displacements which will be enough
>   in practice);
> - m68k -- 32-bit displacements, working well form me but with
>           no-threading poke being broken for unknown reasons, maybe
>           the same as powerpc32.

Thank you! I confirm that this fixed the problem on Linux/sparc64:
With 2.90.1, the installed binary works fine. And on another Linux/sparc64
machine, where I have DejaGnu installed, all tests pass. Yeah!

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