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[Enigma-devel] Hungarian translation for Enigma

From: Juhasz Mate Lehel
Subject: [Enigma-devel] Hungarian translation for Enigma
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2006 22:03:31 +0200

Dear developers!

I have played with your software Enigma and I liked it.
For the sole purpose of my personal pleasure
I tried to translate Enigma into Hungarian,
and after much thinking I decided to send it
to year team.

However, as I am unexperienced in giving code, even if
only translation, I still find it uneasy to do this correctly.
I am not sure whether the copyright holder of this file should
be me or the FSF (preferably to the former).
Also I included a slightly modified
version of the capitalized part of the license of X11,
(changed "software" to "file") which might be unneeded,
as it shall be licensed under the GPL.

The file on my system was encoded in UTF-8 format
with Windows style line terminators (CR+LF). The
style of the language is very polite (like Sie/Vous instead of du/tu)
and is shortened where space is sparse. Also
I take no responsability for the quality of the translation.
I didn't understand some of the contexts where the
text should be applied.

I hope that I have sent this message to the right place
and you will be able to make good use of my translation.
I would appriciate a reply concerning my success in
giving this file to you.
It was a pleasure for me to be giving such an exciting
project a part of my work.

Best wishes,
Mate L. Juhasz

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