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Re: playing remote files

From: Grant Shangreaux
Subject: Re: playing remote files
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2022 11:24:50 -0500

Yoni Rabkin <yoni@rabkins.net> writes:
> If subsonic is a proprietary server (which I think it indeed is), I see
> no point in supporting it. However, if airsonic (GPLv3 apparently) is
> still a thing: https://airsonic.github.io/ ...then I see no reason why
> someone who enjoys running an airsonic server wouldn't write
> emms-airsonic.el, and we could integrate that.

subsonic was proprietary, but i think its defunct. there's several free
software implementations of its api and clients. i was introduced to it
because Nextcloud has a Music service which implements it as well as its
browser interface. its nice because i've found free clients for mobile
as well. it looks like airsonic might be one of these
implementations. i also run supysonic which is AGPL. anyway, this might
be a good long term addition to emms's capabilities. i think i'd rather
chime in on the out-of-the-box experience discussion and help out with
that at the moment :)

> I have no problem with adding a "tramp" track type to more fully support
> playing and playlist manipulation over such a source.
> However, why not just mount the remote directory as a local one (SSHFS,
> fuse, etc.) and avoid the entire debacle?

yeah, i came to a similar conclusion about 20 minutes after writing the
email. i used to do this with sshfs, but its kind of slow, and i've had
odd network issues in the past with mounting remotes. i've been delving
into Tramp lately and i think the spark of Tramp+EMMS lit up the idea
before thinking about it practically :)

Tokṡa ake
Grant Shangreaux

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