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Re: "2045" by Man With a Mission breaks EMMS

From: snickerbockers
Subject: Re: "2045" by Man With a Mission breaks EMMS
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2022 04:13:32 +0000

"Yoni Rabkin" <yoni@rabkins.net> writes:
> Which info backend are you running (the value of `emms-info-functions'
> variable)? My first guess is that `emms-info-native', which is written
> in elisp, is barfing on some encoding.

I'm actually using the exiftool backend.  When I switch to native it
works without any problems.

I did some digging and saw that running exiftool -json on the
problematic file returns the title without quotes:

"Title": 2045,

but when I run it on any file that does not have a numeric name, it puts
quotes around the title.  that might be where the problem is coming


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