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From: Petteri Hintsanen
Subject: emms-info-native
Date: Thu, 24 Dec 2020 23:47:03 +0200
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Dear list,

I just pushed a new branch ‘info-native’ into emms repo.  It implements
a new info method ‘emms-info-native’ for Vorbis, Opus and FLAC files.
This method is "native" in the sense that it implemented in plain Emacs
Lisp and hence does not require any external programs or libraries.  The
naming is perhaps a bit misleading, but I couldn’t figure out a better
one, sorry.  Suggestions welcome.

Please give it a try, especially with Opus files (which I do not have)
and also with files that have big metadata chunks like cover art (which
I also don’t have).  There are rudimentary protections against malicious
inputs that may get triggered in these cases.  Please let me know of any
issues you encounter.

I’m planning to add support for ID3v2 (MP3s) later.

Thanks and season’s greetings to everyone,

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