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EmacsConf Poster

From: Peter Povinec
Subject: EmacsConf Poster
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2022 18:49:17 -0700

Hello EmacsConf organizers!

I am wondering if there is interest in having a poster designed for
this year's conference. My daughter is a high school student who is
interested in design. She has been doing similar work for Key Club at
her school and has offered to help. She is not an Emacs user (yet
;-)), but I could work with her to come up with some poster

Before we discuss specific pieces of information we would like to have
in the poster, it would be great to clarify two high-level points:
1. What is the main objective we want to achieve with the poster
2. How will the poster be distributed and used

Thanks for your time and effort to make EmacsConf possible!

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