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[emacs-wiki-discuss] emacs-wiki 2.61.4, please test

From: Michael Olson
Subject: [emacs-wiki-discuss] emacs-wiki 2.61.4, please test
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2004 22:36:42 -0500
User-agent: Gnus/5.11 (Gnus v5.11) Emacs/21.3.50 (gnu/linux)

I spent a few hours hacking emacs-wiki this weekend in order to
finally purge out some unpleasantries related to the apparent
inability of the `cons' function to accept anything but lists as the
second parameter.  This is probably an Emacs from CVS problem.

In other words, I had to change the internal structure for
`emacs-wiki-refresh-file-alist' and change a bunch of other functions
that used the `emacs-wiki-file-alist' variable.

Please test this version and let me know if it works well for you
all, especially if you use something other than Emacs from CVS.  For
me, it runs slightly faster and error-free.

Once I am convinced that this version doesn't break anything for
anyone, I'll increment the version number to 2.62, which will be a
signal for the Debian packager(s) to release it ;^) .

Hopefully I can begin the Debian developer "initiation" process this
week so I can take the burden on myself.  Just have to read that
Debian-related developer documentation, the routine has to be in there
somewhere ....

One more thing: I had to revert the `emacs-wiki-link-url' patch since
it was causing the publishing extensions (i.e. ".html") to be dropped
off of some files.  I think I'll soon make an option that disables the
walking of directories, so that directories are not added recursively
to the file-alist.  But first, I must make sure that this structure
change doesn't hurt anyone.

Michael Olson -- FSF Associate Member #652 -- Web: http://www.mwolson.org/
Jabber: mwolson_at_hcoop.net -- IRC: bigmike160 on freenode.net
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