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Re: 2022-06-06 Emacs news

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: 2022-06-06 Emacs news
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2022 10:21:41 +0300
User-agent: Mutt/+ () (2022-05-21)

* Marcin Borkowski <mbork@mbork.pl> [2022-06-09 08:06]:
> On 2022-06-08, at 21:19, Jean Louis <bugs@gnu.support> wrote:
> > On June 8, 2022 4:03:23 PM UTC, Marcin Borkowski <mbork@mbork.pl> wrote:
> >
> > Instead, you can use filtering and create email folder just for
> > single mailing list. It will not bother you unless you look into
> > the folder.
> >
> > And I use sorting by thread in Mutt email client, with single key I can 
> > delete whole of the thread.
> >
> > With few email settings, reading becomes joy.
> OTOH, I use mu4e, which means that (a) I store my emails locally, and
> disk space is _not_ infinite, (b) I don't even use "folders" (mu4e is
> search-based; of course, I _could_ filter out emacs-devel), and, most
> importantly (c) I don't have time to study emacs-devel anyway, so why
> should I nourish a hoarding disorder?

There are various ways how people use email. Me I do not download
Emacs development emails to my local computer. I read them on IMAP
server by using Mutt client. Thus only headers are read, I can see
subjects and decide if I wish to read specific email. I can mark
threads of emails without downloading them and remove them, and focus
on just few of my interest.

Regarding mu4e, that is good to find emails, of course, especially
when there is mailing list in question.

In my work I deal mostly with people rather than with mailing lists,
and in this case most important for me is our previous conversation,
between various people and myself. Thus I am so much often first
searching for conversation with person (list of related emails), and
then maybe for some specific email.

Thus I do use local Maildir folders. 

Each conversation is very easy to find, and I usually have it within a
second and by single key press in Emacs.

To ensure that conversation is easily found, when sending emails and
receiving emails, they are all recorded in specific folder for that
email address. That configuration serves as foundation to quickly
finding all previous emails related to specific contact.

For example, conversation for mbork@example.com would be saved in
Maildir folder ~/Maildir/mbork@example.com and by searching for
"borkowski" or by email address, I find your name, then I press "l"
which is in vi world "left arrow", and stands on my side for "action"
or "go right".

Email conversation or list of emails is opened by using Mutt client
(sometimes within vterm), though it could be possible in Emacs too,
there is Maildir package.

Then within the conversation I may look for particular terms or query
it various ways.

The above setup spares me of using mu tools to index emails and also
tedious mu4e 


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