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Re: 2022-06-06 Emacs news

From: Sacha Chua
Subject: Re: 2022-06-06 Emacs news
Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2022 23:37:09 -0400

Hello, all!

On Tue., Jun. 7, 2022, 17:28 Jean Louis, <bugs@gnu.support> wrote:

My suggestion is that you setup a database with title, description and
URL, and then let people add to it on a website, as the database will
make sure that links are unique. Then you will know what is new and
what not.

Reddit and Lemmy are essentially those, with the benefits of also supporting discussion, voting, and moderation.

One of the things on my "when I have more focused time someday" list (or, realistically, see if anyone else wants to pick it up) is to organize selected links into something more like maps and trails. It makes sense to keep those on a wiki so people can update it. It's not just about recency or popularity, or even the rough categorization I do in Emacs News. It's more like saying, okay, this week there have been a couple of interesting links about Emacs Lisp testing. They could be added to something that can point people to those, Cask, ERT, Buttercup, etc. in a way that makes it easier for people to figure out how things relate to each other or what to try when.

Searching through the index.org in Emacs News just lets you work with categories, URLs, and titles. I think there's an opportunity to make more sense of things, but I don't think I'll have focus time for at least another year. :) No worries if it sounds too vague - someone (maybe me) will probably get to it someday!

Also, there's some space between the weekly Emacs News and the yearly Emacs News Highlights I put together for EmacsConf. If someone wants to do a monthly highlights thing (kind of like how This Month in Org is awesome!), that might be neat too.

There's always helping out by writing up something you've learned or experimented with recently. All skill levels welcome!

All sorts of non-code ways to help the community get even more connected! :)


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