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Re: Leaving Freenode behind

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Leaving Freenode behind
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2021 00:03:04 +0300
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* Christopher Dimech <dimech@gmx.com> [2021-06-23 23:13]:
> You are correct.  It is not about non-profits disliking business.
> It is about those people who only value non-profit.

I don't know such people. 

What I know from experience is that non-profit organizations always
work hand in hand with profit organizations. Especially for the reason
that money usually comes from one to other and each party
benefits. Non-profit gets the money or other values and profit one
gets tax deductions. That is how it is in Germany and US and other
countries. Condition is that non-profit is recognized by tax
authorities as having public interest.

> It’s not hard to start a nonprofit. The barriers to entry is pretty
> low.  It costs a few hundred dollars and a few hours. But then what?
> Running a nonprofit and growing it to a size where it can effectively
> serve something takes resources. 

Of course, I should know that as being a corporate service provider
for last 19 years. Though in Germay it is considerably harder, but we
do it even remotely. They use the middle ages notary system with few
other countries in Europe.

If anybody considers donating to non-profit one should consider maybe
doing a direct contribution to social aspect. Often it will be more

There are those which distribute majority of values for non-profit

Then there are those which distribute just 30% - 40% for non-profit

So that is what I tell you, while non-profit is designated
"non-profit" in many sectors of its activities they may be actually
profit organization. IRS would ask for taxes for any activity that is
not charity activity. For any income to its directors beyond or within
charity activities they anyway have to pay taxes. You see? It is just
that purpose is different. Profits are there. When we say "non-profit"
it only points out to structure of the organization, to its main
purposes. But profits are there and should be, that is in other
context. Charity has to make money somehow. 


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