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Re: [syl20bnr/spacemacs] Proposal to improve GPL compliance (#14444)

From: github . com
Subject: Re: [syl20bnr/spacemacs] Proposal to improve GPL compliance (#14444)
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2021 10:10:22 +0300
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* Eli-Zaretskii <notifications@github.com> [2021-03-03 09:43]:
> @gnusupport, I really don't understand what is the problem you are
> raising here.  The Spacemacs page says the code is distributed under
> GPLv3, so where's the problem?

Problem that I see arises from the GNU GPLv3 and I have referenced it
already. Here we go again:

Please see "5. Conveying Modified Source Versions."

1. Full license text file is missing in the distribution.

2. Source files do not have proper license notices. "GPLv3" is not enough. 

3. Somewhere in the interactive interface you could add short notice.

> @lebensterben, why doesn't the code include a file named `COPYING`
> or `LICENSE` or somesuch, which would say explicitly that the
> license is GPL?  Or does such a file exist and I missed it?

Yesterday I have seen in Github repository, such file did not exist.

The three points above remain unhandled.

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