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Re: [BUG] Agenda not sorting by priority THEN todo state (todo state ign

From: Ihor Radchenko
Subject: Re: [BUG] Agenda not sorting by priority THEN todo state (todo state ignored) [9.6.1 (9.6.1-??-fe92a3c @ /Users/polofsson/.emacs.d/.local/straight/build-28.2/org/)]
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2023 11:45:33 +0000

Samuel Wales <samologist@gmail.com> writes:

> i find that when 2 things are being conflated, whether in software or
> in anything else, it is useful to change the name of both of them for
> maximum clarity, future git searches, etc.
> thus, perhaps i would suggest somthign like this slight tweak instead.
>   priority-cookie-up
>   priority-cookie-and-planning-urgency-up

I do not like the idea of changing both the names. The current change
will ensure that existing uses of "priority-up"/"priority-down" sorting
strategies won't be affected too much. Forcing every Org user who
customized agenda sorting to change the variable values is not

Note that the patch, despite changing the actual meaning of
priority-up/down, makes it more conforming with
`org-agenda-sorting-strategy' docstring. So, this change is, in fact,

> if not too verbose.  reasoning: urgency is occasionally considered
> orthogonal to priority in some philosophies, and some users have
> :urgent: tags.  so this might eliminate slightly more confusion in
> principle.

I am neutral wrt "urgency" term. We can use some other.

I do not like the verbosity. Even something like
"priority-and-urgency-up/down" sounds awkward, IMHO.

Ihor Radchenko // yantar92,
Org mode contributor,
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