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Re: [SUGGESTION] separate ob-clojure.el into Clojure part ob-clojure.el

From: Christopher M. Miles
Subject: Re: [SUGGESTION] separate ob-clojure.el into Clojure part ob-clojure.el and ClojureScript part ob-clojurescript.el
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2023 19:44:12 +0800
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Ihor Radchenko <yantar92@posteo.net> writes:

> Daniel Kraus <daniel@kraus.my> writes:
>>> The only downside is that people might need to
>>> (require 'ob-clojurescript)
>>> I am thinking if ob-core.el should try to automatically guess the
>>> correct library to be loaded.
>> We could just (require 'ob-clojurescript) inside ob-clojure.el ?!
> Sure. Though it will go against the goal for not loading everything in
> Org on startup. (Currently, Org startup is too slow for some people).
> In any case, I was mostly thinking aloud in a broader context, not just
> ob-clojure.el. For ob-clojure, either way is fine.

Yeah, loading only when necessary is great for startup. For non-expert
user, it's helpful, because they don't know configure it well.


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