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Re: Haskell code blocks

From: Bruno Barbier
Subject: Re: Haskell code blocks
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2023 19:12:44 +0100

Hi Ihor,

Ihor Radchenko <yantar92@posteo.net> writes:

> Bruno Barbier <brubar.cs@gmail.com> writes:
>> Sorry, I'm still working on adding a 'test-ob-haskell.el', when I have
>> some spare time, but I'm unable so far to find tests that I can't
>> reliably break.
> May I know if you are still working on this?
> Do you need any help?

My tests were too easy to break. I tried to learn more about
haskell-mode, but I got lost. Then, it got down in my todo list.

I'll check what I have this week-end and come back to you.  But, that
might just be a set of tests that randomly fail.  Anyway, we'll decide
from there.

Thanks for your ping.


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