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Re: bug#58371: Org and Hyperbole

From: Mats Lidell
Subject: Re: bug#58371: Org and Hyperbole
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2023 23:20:54 +0100
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> Jean Louis writes:
> * Robert Weiner <rsw@gnu.org> [2022-10-04 09:29]:
> > Another good thought.  Anyone can add an embeddable export of Koutlines; I
> > don't think we'll find time to do that in the mainline development branch
> > though.
> Creating HTML export that is messy has greater impact on people, no
> matter of popularity of the package. 
> KOTL may be said to be specialized lightweight markup language as it
> has export to HTML and various features. Thus authors shall put care
> on proper HTML and including on the fact that all lightweight markup
> languages allow export without headers and footers, for the reason to
> insert the information into ready HTML templates.
> Verify it here: https://validator.w3.org/nu/#file
> by using KOTL EXAMPLE:

Thanks for the report. The export should now produce HTML that passes the 
validation. It is available at elpa-devel.

Work on exporting embedded HTML still remains.

%% Mats

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