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best org-able copy all tabs extension for firefox?

From: Samuel Wales
Subject: best org-able copy all tabs extension for firefox?
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2023 17:47:34 -0700

what is a recommended/supported copy all urls extension that will
support org link syntax at least imperfectly?


ime, firefox, and specifically its list of tabs, is
a perpetual set of roadblocks for me, what with, in my case:

1) unreliability of session restore,
2) lack of command line interfaces to firefox
   - can't just get a list of titles/urls from a running or
     non-running firefox
   - can't get a modern org link syntax or even any
3) much too many tabs, no ability to organize due to
   cognitive issues, org might help a bit, or itself get complex
4) not-quite-there but interesting extensions
   1) tabfs being innovative and promising but seemingly proof
      of concept-ish and for me too much effort to get going,
   2) spookfox being org and promising but seemingly alpha-ish
      and also possibly too much effort for me to get going,
   3) onetab not unloading tabs so you can't just load them all
      - seemingly once you go onetab you can't go back to
        your ginormous list of tabs, so it is a
        one-direction trip
   4) can't find a good copy all urls in the org context
5) strange things you have to do to work around the
   problem of unreliability of session restore whether
   running or not running
6) fear that a webmail might not like me if i restore
7) basic needs like duplicate removal
8) bookmarks not really a solution for me,
9) impedance matching all over the place,
10) new stuff to have to learn just to be defensive

ime, ymmv, disclaimers, politeness.

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