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Re: bi-lingual text

From: Uwe Brauer
Subject: Re: bi-lingual text
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2023 08:49:04 +0100
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> Uwe Brauer <oub@mat.ucm.es> writes:


> `2C-mode' might be what you want.  Be warned, though, that it might be
> confusing when first using it, and that there might be missing
> information since I have just begun to explore it because of your
> message.

> (Also, there doesn't seem to be much documentation on 2C at all, except
> for in its source code?)

> Two caveats:

> 1.  Whenever you split using <F2> s (M-x 2C-split RET), the split will
> happen at the current column, while *consuming* the previous char.  You
> can experiment with the command and see what I mean.


> 2.  Currently, when you use <F2> 1 (M-x 2C-merge RET), the associated
> buffer is only minimised at the right side.  If a user wants to reuse
> the same assoc buffer when typing <F2> s again, the user first has to
> hide the buffer (at least in my experience).

> What I tried:

> In "bilingual.org", type the following:

> * Bilingual
> Hello world.|!
> Good night.

> Here, "!" its not a character but means the cursor; "|" is the character
> before point, and will be used as the separator for the buffers.

> Then, run <F2> s (M-x 2C-split RET).

> There should now be two buffers side-by-side.  Go to the right buffer
> and start typing.

> Bienvenue tout le monde.
> Bonne nuit.

> Then (in either buffer) run <F2> 1 (M-x 2C-merge RET).  Now the
> remaining buffer should read:

> * Bilingual
> Hello world.  |Bienvenue tout le monde.
> Good night.   |Bonne nuit.

> Hopefully this helps -- not only for you, but for those who, like me an
> hour ago, accidentally discovered 2C-mode but did not understand how to
> use it.

Very nice, I played around with a paragraph that contained longer
sentences. So one has however to be it careful with the length of the
lines. It might be wise to set fill column to something like 60.

But thanks for pointing this out to me, it remains me a bit of
scroll-all-mode, but this is definitely much nicer and more suited.

Uwe Brauer

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