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Mention outli, and h speed-key

From: JD Smith
Subject: Mention outli, and h speed-key
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2023 23:00:34 -0500

Outli is a small mode I wrote which very closely follows org in style and uses the same speed-keys on comments-as-headlines.  Basically if you know org, outli will be usable “out of the box”.  It might be good to mention outli in the Worg page on org capabilities outside of org.

To quote from the README:

• How does this relate to outline-minor-mode?

outli is mostly a convenient wrapper around functionality that is already built-in to outline, adding a few things like narrow-to-subtree and insert-heading-respect-content (ala org). And of course the speed-key bindings, automatic comments-as-header patterns, and styling.

One speed key I added to outli I really miss in org, so I added it:

(if-let ((pos (cl-position '("Outline Visibility") org-speed-commands :test #'equal)))
      (cl-pushnew '("h" . outline-hide-sublevels) (nthcdr (1+ pos) org-speed-commands)))

Basically h=outline-hide-sublevels.  This allows you to quickly collapse the entire tree to the level [h]ere.  It’s a wonderful, fast compromise between the ease of Shift-Tab and org’s more targeted folding capabilities.

Thanks for your work on org!

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