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Re: [BUG] No space after footnote with org-export-with-footnotes set to

From: Max Nikulin
Subject: Re: [BUG] No space after footnote with org-export-with-footnotes set to nil [9.6.1 ( @ /Users/test/.emacs.d/elpa/28.0/develop/org-9.6.1/)]
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2023 22:04:37 +0700
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On 09/03/2023 19:43, Ihor Radchenko wrote:
Max Nikulin writes:
Both "Heading" and "[0/1]" have the same :post-blank " ", so when
stripping the statistics cookie use " " :post-blank for "Heading"
(retain current value).

Sorry, but we are mis-communicating here.

No, it just means that I am not familiar enough with org-element structures.

:post-blank can be either nil or a number of spaces/tabs after object.

Plain strings always have :post-blank nil.
So do line breaks.

If preceding object is string than trailing spaces should be taken into account instead of :post-blank. If footnote reference or similar object has more :post-blank spaces than replace it by string with space characters to have footnote's :post-blank in total. Alternatively append these spaces to the preceding string.

Text with newline \\
  [fn:1]  more text.
    #("Text with newline " 0 18
      (:parent #2))
     (:begin 19 :end 22 :post-blank 0 :parent #2))
    #(" " 0 1
1 space--^
     (:label "1" ... :post-blank 2 :parent #2))
2 spaces---------------------------^
    #("more text.\n" 0 11

So stripping the footnote use 2 spaces " " instead of preceding " " or add another " " (unsure if 2 adjacent strings may be a problem for export backends).

I was imprecise, but I do not see any contradictions.

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