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Re: Key binding in help (was: Re: PROPOSAL: Bind `org-fold-hide-subtree'

From: Max Nikulin
Subject: Re: Key binding in help (was: Re: PROPOSAL: Bind `org-fold-hide-subtree' by default in Org Mode.)
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2023 22:27:20 +0700
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On 26/02/2023 06:32, Samuel Wales wrote:
i acccomplished this with (define-key org-mode-map (quote [C-tab])
(quote org-next-link)) [kbd would be better].
i.e. like m-. on a function name, if that is set up to work, or c-h f
command tab ret to go to the fuction definition, but for keys.

I do not mind to have such feature as well. If you really want to get it, you should send a feature request to bug-gnu-emacs.

On 23/02/2023 11:48, Samuel Wales wrote:
[there are probably 300 competing packages that
do exactly that.]

I expect that it should be implemented in Emacs core since updated `define-key' should be available rather early during initialization. Looking into
I do not see a ready to use slot for location of key definition. Another point is that keymap extension should not noticeably affect performance.

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