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Re: [SOLVED] Re: [FEATURE request] hope `org-agenda-custom-commands` can

From: Ruijie Yu
Subject: Re: [SOLVED] Re: [FEATURE request] hope `org-agenda-custom-commands` can support propertiezed-text.
Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2023 14:40:38 +0800
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stardiviner <numbchild@gmail.com> writes:

> [...]
>>  Does `("c" ,(format ...) ...) work?
> This macro-style expanded string works. I'm curious why have to be expanded?

The reason is that org does not expect to run arbitrary sexp (in your
case, the (format ...) expression); instead with the backtick and
unquote, you are passing in a propertized string to org, which org can
understand and make use of.



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