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Re: [ANN] orgtbl-fit

From: Ihor Radchenko
Subject: Re: [ANN] orgtbl-fit
Date: Fri, 03 Mar 2023 15:13:01 +0000

tbanelwebmin <tbanelwebmin@free.fr> writes:

>     BTW, the dollar replacement is something org-table can benefit from---a
>     number of people are confused because "$" is treated specially by Calc.
> I'm not sure what you mean. The dollar in spreadsheet formulas? Like:
> #+TBLFM: $6=$5+1

Which means that I misread the sources. I was referring to
 | 2$ | 3$| #ERROR |
 #+tblfm: $3=$2+$1

Error in the above is because Calc handles "$" specially.

>     We can, but it should be first and foremost added to GNU Calc. On Org
>     side, we just need appropriate integration. Maintaining generic data
>     analysis code in Org is out of Org's scope.
> Absolutely
> Although the latest Calc release seams to be 2.02f, dating back in January 
> 1992. Has it reached perfection 31
> years ago?

No. It became a part of Emacs, AFAIU.
New (small) things are being added to Calc as a part of Emacs development.

>From NEWS.29:

** Calc

*** New user option 'calc-kill-line-numbering'.
Set it to nil to exclude line numbering from kills and copies.

>From NEWS.28:

** Calc

*** The behavior when doing forward-delete has been changed.
Previously, using the 'C-d' command would delete the final number in
the input field, no matter where point was.  This has been changed to
work more traditionally, with 'C-d' deleting the next character.
Likewise, point isn't moved to the end of the string before inserting

*** Setting the word size to zero disables word clipping.
The word size normally clips the results of certain bit-oriented
operations such as shifts and bitwise XOR.  A word size of zero, set
by 'b w', makes the operation have effect on the whole argument values
and the result is not truncated in any way.

*** The '/' operator now has higher precedence in (La)TeX input mode.
It no longer has lower precedence than '+' and '-'.

*** New user option 'calc-make-windows-dedicated'.
When this user option is non-nil, Calc will mark its windows as

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